Priority1 is honored to announce our newest Employee of the Quarter: Gavin Wheeler

At Priority1, we take pride in recognizing outstanding team members who consistently go above and beyond to make a difference. This quarter, we shine the spotlight on Gavin Wheeler, our Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter, who has been with us for over two years. Gavin’s dedication and passion for finding driven individuals to join our sales team have had a profound impact on our organization.

“Since day one, Gavin has been one of the most dedicated employees I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He comes in early, stays after hours, and has a work ethic that could be described as sickening to most. Gavin never turns down a new challenge or task, and always uses these particular situations as opportunities for growth. Not only is Gavin an exemplary employee, but he’s also an excellent example of how to just be a great human being.”- Brock Hogan, Manager of Talent Acquisition

Gavin’s role as Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter revolves around seeking out individuals who are eager to grow their sales careers and ensuring they have a great initial experience with the company. In his time at Priority1, Gavin has successfully hired over 100 Sales Associates, a milestone he takes immense pride in. Being able to build a strong and talented team motivates Gavin, knowing that his efforts contribute to the success of the company and the lives of the people he hires.

To new employees at Priority1, Gavin offers wise advice: “Be the hardest worker around and celebrate both the small and big wins.” He believes that hard work, combined with gratitude, is the key to building a successful and fulfilling career.

Gavin, a proud University of Nebraska alum, calls Kansas City, MO, his home and is an enthusiastic Chiefs fan. The values that motivate Gavin are deeply rooted in his personal life as well. He admires his parents for being his greatest support system, emphasizing the importance of family and relationships. As a Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Gavin brings this sense of care and understanding to every candidate he interacts with, creating a positive experience.

Beyond his role at Priority1, Gavin has a life filled with hobbies and interests. He enjoys spending his free time golfing, watching sports, and going on exhilarating hikes. His love for adventure extends beyond the office, as he once had a thrilling skydiving experience in Las Vegas.

What drives Gavin to achieve great results in his department is his belief that his recruiting efforts can significantly impact the future of every office and associate. He is dedicated to hitting his key performance indicators (KPIs) and providing every candidate with an excellent experience. Gavin’s passion for talent acquisition comes from his desire to connect candidates with opportunities that align with their career goals, making a positive impact on their lives. Gavin’s drive and determination in his career stem from his aspiration to become a leader and mentor. His in the future is to guide his own team’s professional development and growth, imparting his knowledge and expertise to cultivate future talents within Priority1.

One piece of advice that has stuck with Gavin through his journey is to “talk less and listen more.” This invaluable lesson has taught him the importance of active listening and understanding others, making him an empathetic and attentive recruiter.

Gavin, congratulations from all of us at Priority1 for your incredible accomplishments. As a Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter, your invaluable contributions have been outstanding, and we are delighted to acknowledge your hard work and achievements.

Tune in next quarter to see who Priority1 names our next Employee of the Quarter!


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