Temperature Controlled: A Service You Can Trust

The Temperature Controlled Department at Priority1 is a pivotal part of our team and the seamless services we provide. Priority1 offers white glove, Temperature Controlled services nationwide.

What are some unexpected things that need to be booked on a Temp-Controlled load?

Our Temp-Controlled Department has handled everything from pharmaceuticals to soft drinks, but one of the most interesting emerging markets is Aerospace technologies. Components that go into space usually need to be kept cold, and we provide these services for some of the largest Aerospace companies in the country.

Another thing to keep in mind is our units don’t just run cold; we provide a full temperature spectrum from -20 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. As the weather changes throughout the country, our needs for hot and cold temperature control become more and more necessary.

Why choose Priority1’s Temperature Controlled Department?

Priority1’s Temp-Controlled Department is best in class due to our innovative technology and unparalleled service. We boast a 0.02 percent claims ratio in the Temperature Controlled Division and offer live GPS, Seal Monitoring, and Temperature tracking software that is more reliable than any carrier tracking system.

The qualities of a great Temperature Controlled Team are attention to detail and honesty.

“Our customers pay for service and peace of mind; this means vetting out drivers in a meaningful way and providing full transparency to our customers. Our carrier team works diligently to vet our carriers for service and quality, and these standards depict how we chose our carriers.” -Calvin Jones, Manager of Refrigerator Operations

In addition to these qualities, we have innovative technology that brings full visibility to our customers, combined with the power of our TMS system, Priority1 has become a force to be reckoned within Temp-Controlled Freight!

Priority1 aims to create complete peace of mind no matter what is sent our way. We find the best possible solution to move your freight with the services our customers need. GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY to set up your Temperature Controlled shipments with a 3PL that guarantees a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

By: Kaylyn Alexander

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