We Build Technology for Customers

We built an easy-to-use TMS for you.

Cabo® is a user-friendly digital TMS platform accessible across all devices. Built on API technology at its core, Cabo® contains everything needed to manage your shipments from pickup to delivery.

Get access to on demand quoting, real time carrier pickups, tracking visibility, reporting, document management, bill audit, and much more.

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Citāti vienā vietā

Get access to all of your quotes in one central location.

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Real Time Rates

Our API technology gives you access to real-time rates.

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Centralized Tracking

Know where all your shipments are at all times.

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Hosted in the Cloud

Access to your Cabo® account from anywhere on any device.

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Built by Experts

Decades of industry experience combined into one platform.

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Interested in CABO® TMS?

API Integrations

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Real Time Rates

Our API technology gives you access to real-time rates.

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Dynamic Pricing

Get access to the best market rates at the time of booking.

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Carrier Capacity

Custom carrier capacity rules keep variances in check.

3rd Party Platform Integrations

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Can I access Cabo® on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Cabo® is built using a mobile-first design approach, which means it is easily accessible on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Can I access Cabo® on a Mac?

Of course! Cabo® is a web-based TMS platform that is available on any device with an Internet connection.

Can I integrate Cabo® into my ERP system?

Absolutely. We offer an open, RESTful API that can be leveraged for any modern ERP system. Additionally, we offer “out of the box” integrations for many popular TMS and ERP systems. For more information, see our API technical docs.