The New and Improved

It’s been quite a journey from the first time the website redesign team met. We started on June 13th at 8 A.M. The plan was laid out and we wanted to completely overhaul our website; with new content, features, design, staff photographs, and social media integration. We wanted everyone to see who we are and create a modern online presence.

We will be adding a Track Shipment feature, a blog where news and communications will be distributed, and you will see the integration of Instagram postings to see our day-to-day activities, and Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with you in a modern light.

We began with the redesigning of our company logo, which, let me tell you, was the most difficult part of the entire project. After our group of 8 unanimously agreed on a design, we began the process of working with our web designer, a man we selected from Liverpool, England, on forming the particulars of our new site: Layout, color scheme, arrangement, site map, functions, features, links, interface, acquisition of carrier logos and permission. . .need I continue? The necessities of a 21st century website are endless.

With the skeleton of our site in the works, we began interviewing local photographers to capture our corporate staff and location. Our goal was to create personal stock photographs to fill our website with. We selected an accomplished Little Rock native to shoot us in a natural fashion and he certainly got us down.

With staff, location, and management photos at our disposal, we began selecting photos to showcase our staff, management, and a collection of stock-style images from 250+ photos that we were provided. Our eyes began to tear up and burn after flipping through 18 pages of photos, but we found 29 photos, and man do they look good on the test site!

The last few weeks have been spent testing the ins-and-outs of every link, proofreading each page about 10,000 times, (no, that is not hyperbole), making adjustments to the site’s layout and other small features. We’re nearing the end of our project, just a few weeks until we go live on February 16th, and we’re still tweaking certain dynamics.

It’s been a busy few months getting the new website up and running. It’s been difficult and aggravating at times as are all things, but it’s been fun and a rewarding experience. I’m glad to have been a part of the Priority1 INC. website redesign team. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!

We would like to say thank you to the website redesign team and our corporate IT department who have devoted countless hours to the development of this project.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to our web designer Paul Maloney at and our local photographer Dero Sanford,, for the work, effort, and insight that they have contributed to this project.

Logan Garrett, Research Analyst